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The urge for rethinking the current energy system is undeniable and it should be approached in a more positive and fresh manner. Plenty of new ideas are being developed in the energy sector, creating opportunities for us as students. Though it is a challenge to reveal those opportunities. Another challenge is to overcome the gap between fundamental research and application in society. Students possess the perfect qualities for achieving these ambitions since they have limited constraints and are open minded.


Energy Now is a congress directly related to the current energy transition. Our goal is to inspire, interest, and trigger students to take elegant action in the transition towards sustainable energy. This event creates a bright perspective on the energy transition by focusing on the opportunities it creates in the present rather than just on the distant future. Promising innovations and developments in the field of energy are highlighted from the perspectives of research, academics, companies and entrepreneurs. The event creates the ability to strengthen the connection between students, business people and researchers.



Energy Now is being organized by seven students of the Eindhoven University of Technology. This event is initiated by the student platform Team Energy of which this committee is part of. Team Energy is constituted by 24 TU/e students who actively promote knowledge and participation of TU/e students in the energy field. They all have different backgrounds in terms of education, however, we all share the same vision: A world powered solely by sustainable energy.





The team

Titus Kervezee – Acquisition

Robyn Gerlach – Secretary & Program content



Philip Teeuwen – Planning & Logistics

Len Wismeyer – Chairman

Bram van Vugt – Planning & Logistics

Gwen Klerks – PR & Design




Auditorium - TU/e Science Park

Den Dolech 2


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Team Energy t.a.v. EnergyNow
Horsten 1
5612 AX Eindhoven

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