May 22nd 2019 - Sustainable Energy Congress - Evoluon

Energy Now 2020

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Pictures Energy Now 2019

To get an indication of the atmosphere of Energy Now 2019, we’ve compiled some iconic pictures for you! The complete album can be found on our Facebook Page.

Energy Now 2019: Smart Energy Distribution

Connecting the sustainable future

Imagine a future where energy consumption and generation are perfectly balanced, a future where the appliances at home interact with the windmills on sea. Can we realise a future where the central energy storage solutions have become a thing of the past? This is what we will be discovering in the fourth edition of Energy Now; the potential role the power grid can play in the sustainable energy transition.

During the event, exciting topics as the internet of energy, smart grids, decentral power storage and local energy exchange will be covered. Additionally, we would like to introduce you to the opportunities regarding the transmission and transport of energy on not only a local, but also on a regional and international level.

Impression: Energy Now 2019

This is the after-movie of Energy Now 2018. This years’ edition will also be held at the Evoluon in Eindhoven, so the video should give a good indication of the day itself!




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