May 17th 2018 - Energy Congress - Evoluon




Sustainable energy congress

Discover cutting-edge developments in the energy transition

Engage in multi-disciplinary workshops

Connect with companies at the interactive exhibition floor and dinner

Get inspired by prominent speakers and a dynamic panel discussion


Host of the day

Ruud Koornstra

Ambassador of Energy Now 

“The global energy transition has reached a tipping point phase, that is characterized by chaos, turbulence and conflicts. A new, renewable energy system is emerging, whereas the old, fossil energy system is struggling if still largely in place. In this tipping point phase, small groups of people, in particular young people, can have a large impact on this vulnerable, volatile energy system, if they come up with smart and appropriate interventions. This is the hope I would like to convey to young people: if there is any time you can make a difference, it is now!”

Jan Rotmans, Professor Dutch Research Institute for Transitions

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