May 2022 - Sustainable Energy Congress


The future of the world demands a transition to a sustainable energy infrastructure. We believe this transition can be accelerated by the collaboration of professionals, researchers and students. Hence, our goal with Energy Now is to connect, inform and inspire those disciplines to initiate in the conversation about a sustainable future in an informal and interactive atmosphere. To commence this discussion, a series of interactive workshops, inspiring talks and a multidisciplinary exhibition floor provide the perfect foundation. We hope that with this interactive approach we enable the attendees to collaborate on the challenges of today to find the solutions for tomorrow. We are confident that together we can overcome the technical and policy-related challenges to this social responsibility, and that we can all strive for a sustainable future.

Who we are

The committee of Energy Now (photo below) consists of seven students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Along with other initiatives, Energy Now is part of the student-initiated platform Team Energy. Team Energy, which consists of students from a broad range of technical expertise areas, actively promotes and stimulates students to acquire knowledge and participate in the energy transition. These students are united by sharing the same vision: a world sustained by renewable energy.

For a complete list with the names and functions of the team members, please consult the Contact Page.