May 17th 2018 - Energy Congress - Evoluon




Energy Now is a yearly organised congress aimed at students and professionals from different technical disciplines. The congress outlines recent developments regarding the energy transition through several elements. Inspirational talks will highlight promising and interesting topics and challenges these bring forward. During interactive workshops given by a variety of companies, students and professionals collaborate to find solutions to energy-related cases on a more in-depth level. The multi-disciplinary exhibition floor enables participants to share and discuss their perspectives. Through a panel discussion these different perspectives are connected and the future of the energy transition is discussed.


The energy transition is a topic with high societal relevance, some important changes need to be made in order to maintain life as we know it today. Initiating these changes is challenging and not only awareness and willingness are needed, but also new creative ideas and smart technical innovations. The goal of Energy Now is to inform, inspire, and connect students with the different stakeholders in the field of energy: from researchers to professionals, from business to science. By highlighting recent challenges and technical innovations in the sector, students can discover the various ways they can contribute to the transition towards sustainable energy.


The Energy Now committee consists of six students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. The committee is part of and initiated by the student platform Team Energy, which consists of students from a broad range of technical expertise areas. Team Energy actively promotes and stimulates students to acquire knowledge and participate in the energy field. The members are united by sharing the same vision: a world powered solely by sustainable energy.   


Energy Now 2018: Storage and Conversion

Team of 2018


Energy Now 2017: Innovating Towards Zero

Team of 2017





 Energy Now 2016: Energy Storage and Smart Grids

Team of 2016