May 2023 - Sustainable Energy Congress

Theme: Storage & Conversion

The key to a sustainable energy system

The transition to a world powered by sustainable energy is up and running. Although energy sources such as solar and wind are successful, major steps still need to be taken to reach the targets as agreed on in Paris 2015. One of the issues with the most common sustainable energy resources is their weather-dependency: on sunny days we generate too much energy, on rainy days too little. In the current system, supply and demand are not meeting. On top of that,  sustainable alternatives for large polluting factors like heavy transportation and heat production for both industries and households need to be developed to become completely independent of fossil fuels. Energy Now 2018 will take a closer look at the role of storage and conversion of energy as the missing link between the supply and demand of energy in a sustainable system.

Storage and conversion of energy has several application areas which have been categorized into application areas by Energy Storage NL. Energy Storage NL is a platform for energy storage which aims at connecting companies, knowledge institutions, authorities and financers in a meaningful way to create sustainable business cases for energy storage. Energy Now will divide the overall theme of storage and conversion into subthemes in accordance with these  application areas. This way, Energy Now will support the connection goals of Energy Storage NL and provide a structured but broad overview of developments within storage and conversion technologies.


This is the after movie from the convention that perfectly captures the location and associated vibe.

Photos & Downloads

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Needless to say, this event would not have been possible without the hard work and great effort of the responsible Team Energy Members. From left to right; Valerie Gies (Content & Design), Govert van Loon (Secretary & Promotion), Lieke van Essen (Chairman), Bram Leunisse (Treasurer), Marije Sesink (Planning & Logistics) and Vincent Nieuwenhuis (Acquisition)

Equally important are the partners, whose financial support and substantive contribution helped to shape the event up to the highest standards. Shown below is a list of all the companies that helped make this concept a reality!