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Day 1
30 May 2017

Doors Open

Lieven Scheire


Thijs Aarten

Opening by Ecofys

Sandro Iacovella

SETalk #1: FlexiCity

Breakout Session #1

13:00 - 13:45

Lunch Break

Breakout Session #2

Coffee break

Patrick van Geffen

SETalk #2: Strukton

Remco de Boer

Talk: Remco de Boer

Lieven Scheire


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Innovating towards zero

In December 2015 the world united to fight climate change in The Paris Agreement. 195 Countries agreed to the world’s first universal action plan to tackle climate change by limiting global warming to ‘well below 2°C’. This historical achievement was just the beginning – now every country must turn their promises into action.

The European Union set key targets for 2020, 2030 and a long-term goal. One of these targets concerns a cut in the greenhouse gas emissions. One of the well-known and important greenhouse gasses is CO2, the emission of CO2 is high and needs to be reduced rapidly. The problem is that for this reduction our economy, lifestyle and infrastructure need to change. How are we going to do this? What do we need to achieve this goal? And is it possible to maintain our current way of living if we want to do so? We will look for answers at the Energy Now congress 2017 ‘Innovating towards zero’. The day will be divided in theme lines with topics such as offshore wind, urban energy and micro grids.

Breakout sessions 

Six different themes allow you to select the topics of your interest. Each theme consists of two different breakout sessions, given by companies relevant to the theme. You chose attend one of those themes during the event 

Smart Grids

EIT InnoEnergy – Innovating towards zero by design

A sustainable future, isn’t that what we all want? But what would it look like? How are we living today, and what will we need to change to achieve this future. EIT will give an inspiring workshop about creating ideas for the future, innovating by design.

The Innovation by Design is an interactive workshop that gives you the opportunity to explore and design the future of smart grid applications. The objective of the session is to improve future quality of life by designing Smart Grids innovations from a user point of view.

The workshop is divided in two parts: before the break, you will be exploring new functionalities enabled by Smart Grids. Guided by the EIT InnoEnergy IbD team, you will contribute to creating value propositions that attract and inspire consumers and innovators.

In the afternoon session, we map and analyse the supply side of these value propositions and create a plan to transform your ideas into viable products and services.

In both sessions, we use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology by which real-world change is collectively ‘played out’ using a special set of professionally oriented LEGO-blocks. Come and join us during the Energy Now Congress on May 30 at the Tu/e. And catch a glimpse into the complexity of operating within the Smart Grid world. Innovation by Design by InnoEnergy can support you in becoming and thriving as an entrepreneur in this complex environment.

Session 1: Senaatszaal
Session 2: Senaatszaal

Micro Grids

Witteveen+Bos and Innofest – Realizing off-grid projects sustainably and testing new prototypes off-grid

How can off-grid projects, think of bridges and artworks, be supplied with sustainable energy? Witteveen & Bos will tell about their expertises and focus on realizing off grid projects in a sustainble manner without doing any compromises. On the other hand Innofest will focus on how festivals can behave as living labs for new sustainable ideas and products.

Witteveen+Bos – The government has formulated different objectives with regard to energy neutrality. Witteveen + Bos advises the government in achieving these goals. For infrastructural objects, such as movable bridges, tunnels and locks, the aim is to be fully energy neutral in 2030. The energy neutralization of objects is a challenge, of which we investigate various things, such as saving energy, generating energy, connecting with power grids, and potential storage opportunities. During the workshop we deal with a case that addresses the issues mentioned above and challenges teams in innovative solutions.

“Witteveen+Bos is a company based in the Netherlands that provides consultancy and engineering services worldwide in the fields of infrastructure, water, the environment, spatial development and construction. Our multidisciplinary approach to projects is the distinctive feature of the way we work. Our clients are governmental, commercial and industrial organisations, including various types of joint ventures and public-private partnerships. We serve our clients from six offices in the Netherlands and ten international offices.”

Innofest – Besides permanent infrastructure, there are also events that require a temporary micro grid. Innofest is an initiative that functions as living lab. They offer the opportunity for researchers, designers and engineers to test their ideas in a safe environment. Besides that they facilitate a festival that is self-sufficient in their energy supply and sustainable.

“Innofest uses festivals as living labs for innovation. A festival is a temporary environment which mirrors society in terms of the challenges we face in the real world regarding water, energy, waste, food and shelter. Festival goers are ordinary people with normal needs. The festival
grounds are the perfect playgound for testing innovation.”

Speakers: Govert Reeskamp, Innovation programmer at InnoFest
Paulien Hoogvorst, Energy Engineer at Witteveen+Bos

Session 1: Auditorium 9
Session 2: Auditorium 9

Sustainable Industries

DIFFER, TKI Energie en Industrie, DAF Trucks N.V. and Antacy – The future of the industry, from solar fuels to energy efficiency

Although the energy usage of consumers takes up quite a share, it is nothing compared to the energy used by industrial processes daily. This is why the industry has an important part in the energy transition. The different aspects of a future with a more sustainable industry will be explained: increasing the efficiency of processes, the use of solar fuels instead of fossil fuels, and capturing CO2 for direct new uses.

DIFFER – The worldwide energy transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy requires technology with which energy can be efficiently stored and transported. Our research into solar fuels addresses the global challenge of efficiently converting and storing sustainable energy into chemicals. These offer the highest energy densities and are ideal for long-term storage and long-distance transport of sustainable energy.

ANTECY – Capturing and concentrate (ambient) CO2 at low prices for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, using solar or wind energy.
With the help of an organic, non-amine sorbent, turns ANTECY the negative of CO2 (greenhouse effects, environmental costs) into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy (fuels, chemicals and other materials).

DAF Trucks N.V. – This sessions hosted by DAF Trucks gives insight in the energy policy of PACCAR/DAF Trucks N.V. PACCARs target is to reach 15% CO2 reduction before 2020 where DAF Trucks target is set to 2% reduction per year. During the workshop you learn which instruments are given by the government, which instruments DAF Trucks N.V. is using, and how they are embedded in the energy management of DAF Trucks N.V. Although there are many successes already, there are also some challenges for the future. During the workshop new ideas are explored to help DAF Trucks N.V. towards energy neutrality.

Speakers: Rob Kreiter, system integrator at TKI industrie en energie and senior program developer at ECN
Ronald Stegers, Energy Manager at DAF Trucks N.V.

Session 1: Auditorium 15
Session 2: Blauwe Zaal

Green Architecture (in Dutch)

Green office, Atlas, TU/e, BAM- The road towards a energy generating built environment

Our lives are centered around the buildings we work and live in and so is our energy consumption. Hear from the Go Green Office how Atlas on the TU/e campus, the most sustainable education building of the world was realized. BAM will give insight in how their project REnnovates is making whole neighbourhoods more sustainable in just days.

GO Green Office – The GO Green Office makes the university’s sustainability vision tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members. The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds shape innovative sustainable ideas and launch projects, all with the objective to stimulate TU/e’s sustainable development.

Atlas – The renovation of the Atlas building, whereby sustainability and comfort are key, reflects the projection of sustainability pictured by TU/e in its operation, education and research. A healthy and comfortable working environment for the users, the prevention of energy wastage and the reuse of materials are at the heart of this.

BAM – The idea of Rennovates instigated from the fact that – within the EU – there is a large stock of old buildings. These buildings are not energy efficient, are no longer up-to-standard to modern comfort levels and at the end-of-their life cycle.

Rennovates is a holistic systemic deep renovation concept using smart services and developing smart energy-based communities resulting in energy-neutral housing – up to and beyond Zero Net Energy – by reducing energy consumption and maximizing the use of renewable energy.

Speakers: Thijs Meulen, adviser energy management and automation at TU/e
Dennis van Goch, innovator at Bam and technological designer

Session 1: Auditorium 10
Session 2: Auditorium 7

Gas in the Built Environment

Gemeente Eindhoven, TKI gas, TNO – Phasing out natural gas usage, what’s next?

Thousands of new houses are built in the Netherlands every year. All these new houses are still connected to the gas grid. What is the future of natural gas in our daily lives? Will it be completely extruded out of our lives? Will thermal energy be the replacement? Or is natural gas still going to play an important part in decreasing CO2 emissions?

Gemeente Eindhoven – The municipality of Eindhoven has set goals to be energy Neutral in 2045. Part of the solution to accomplish this goal might be found in changing the infrastructure. The municipality will give a workshop about the future of natural gasses in Eindhoven.

TKI Gas – ‘TKI (Top consortium knowledge and Innovations) Gas stimulates, connects and supports Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in the development and application of innovations for a fast transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system when it comes to Gas.’

TNO –Het Meerjarenprogramma is een programma gericht op een doorbraak in het gebruik van duurzame energie in de gebouwde omgeving. Deze transitie wordt ingegeven door de (grootschalige) inzet van (decentrale) duurzame opwekking en de noodzaak om de gebouwde omgeving onafhankelijk te maken van de inzet van fossiele energiedragers. Kernbegrippen daarbij zijn: opslag, restwarmte, netbalancering (zowel op centraal als lokaal / in-house niveau), energieneutraliteit op dag/week/maand basis in plaats van op jaarbasis en acceptabele woonlasten voor burgers en bedrijven.

Speakers: David Smeulders, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology
Huub de Keizer, Programme Manager Energy Built Environment
Alfredo Verboom, Consultant Sustainable Energy at Gemeente Eindhoven

Session 1: Auditorium 14
Session 2: Auditorium 13

Offshore Wind Power

Van Oord and TKI wind op zee – Technical challenges in a growing market

How can the offshore wind sector keep up with the increase in demand of sustainable energy and wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. Van Oord will elaborate on how the constructor is dealing with these challenges as market leader wheraeas TKI Wind op Zee will show how prices have been cut severely in the last years.

Van Oord – A lot of the windfarms have been moved offshore, due to the lack of room and expanding size of the turbines. Van Oord is one of the largest companies in the Netherlands that build these offshore windfarms. Building offshore might be a better location for the farms, but brings along a lot of new challenges for building and maintaining them. Together with Van Oord we will take a look at the challenges there are today, but also the challenges of the future when the turbines and the windfarms might be even bigger than they are today.

“Along with dredging and offshore oil & gas, offshore wind is one of Van Oord’s three core activities. All activities and knowledge for the construction of offshore wind farms are combined in the Offshore Wind Projects business unit. In more than ten years, Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects has completed several prominent projects as an EPC contractor, being responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction. Innovative solutions contribute significantly to making this form of sustainable energy more competitive. Van Oord and its Marine ingenuity are already meeting this challenge head-on.”

TKI wind op zee – Producing the energy in offshore wind farms is not the only challenge we are facing today. The energy also has to be brought to shore and connected to the power grid. Not every day the same volume of energy will be produced, due to the changes in the weather. How do we handle this instability in the energy generation? TKI wind op zee will introduce us to the rest of the offshore energy network, how it works, how the efficiency can be increased and how we can reduce the costs.
“TKI Wind op Zee stimuleert, verbindt en ondersteunt Nederlandse bedrijven en kennisinstellingen bij de ontwikkeling en toepassing van innovaties voor een snelle transitie naar een duurzaam, betrouwbaar en betaalbaar energiesysteem als het gaat om offshore wind.”

‘TKI (Top consortium knowledge and Innovations) Wind op Zee stimulates, connects and supports Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in the development and application of innovations for a fast transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system when it comes to offshore wind.’

Speakers: John Baken

Session 1: Auditorium 16
Session 2: Auditorium 16


Lieven Scheire (host)

Lieven Scheire is a comedian, physicist and science communicator, presenting on stage and on TV, in both Dutch and English.

He develops and hosts TV shows, tours on stage with an English spoken scientific comedy set, and hosts events for universities and scientific or technological companies. In The Netherlands he is know from the television series “Proefkonijnen” amongst others.

“If nerds are the new hunks then the charming Lieven Scheire was set to win heads at hearts at this year’s Fringe, with his unique non-fiction stand-up. Scheire takes little concepts like, oh you know, Einstein’s’ theory of relativity, and explains them in a way that is not only accessible but also hilarious.

If science lessons back at school had been more like this, maybe we would have all paid more attention and be six times smarter now.”

Remco de Boer

Ir. Remco de Boer is a consultant, researcher and publicist. After graduating at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) he established ‘De Boer Communications’ in 1996. Since April 2016 he has reported on energy transition for the newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR News radio and the news service Energeia.
Since 2012 De Boer is a columnist for Delft Integraal the scientific magazine of TU Delft. His previous experience includes being a commentator for De Ingenieur, the engineering and technology magazine of the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers.
In 2015, his book ‘Tussen hoogmoed en hysterie’ [Between arrogance and hysteria] was published, a reconstruction of the fight against shale gas extraction in the Netherlands. His earlier works include ‘Verloren vertrouwen – lessen uit de Utrechtse asbestzaak’ [Lost confidence – lessons learnt in the Utrecht asbestos case] (2012) and ‘Over communicatie en ander ongemak’ [About communications and other discomforts] (2012).

Thijs Aarten

Thijs Aarten is Managing Director at Ecofys, a Navigant company, and EME Energy Practice Leader. He has over 33 years of energy industry experience, having worked internationally for global corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Pakhoed, Royal Vopak, KEMA and DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability. In addition to his role as CEO of Ecofys, Thijs is Managing Director of Aarten Energy Solutions B.V., as well as Managing Director of EnShared Development B.V. Thijs is and has been active in a number of key industry groups and associations, presenting his expert insights on energy transition subjects. Besides having advised clients in many countries around the globe, Thijs has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China. Due to his international exposure, he has a strong appreciation for cultural differences and is able to connect the various trends in different continents.

Sandro Iacovella

Sandro Iacovella was born in Genk, Belgium. He received the M. Eng. degree in Electronics-ICT from Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg (KHLim), Diepenbeek, Belgium, in 2007,  and the M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Leuven, Belgium, in 2010. In 2011 he received a Master’s degree in Management. In 2016 he obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven ESAT/ELECTA, where his work included demand side management, multi-agent systems and machine learning within the smart grid context. As CTO & Founder of FlexiCity, affiliated to KU Leuven and UC Berkeley, he is now targeting residential demand response of electric space & water heaters.

Patrick van Geffen

Patrick van Geffen is program manager at structon worksphere. By using his operational expertise, Patrick guides the most important developments at Strukton Worksphere. He is currently managing the program Strukton PULSE, a platform that connects all data generated by buildings and turns it into management information, plus enables back end monitoring.

Date & Location

Energy Now 2017 will take place on May 30 2017 at the Auditorium, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Auditorium - TU/e Science Park

Den Dolech 2


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Main partner: InnoEnergy

At InnoEnergy we support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to end-customer. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets.

We work in three essential areas of the innovation mix: education, innovation and business creation service. Bringing these disciplines together maximizes the impact of each, accelerates the development of market-ready solutions, and creates a fertile environment in which we can sell the innovative results of our work.

The GO Green Office

The GO Green Office makes the university’s sustainability vision tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members. The GO Green Office is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds shape innovative sustainable ideas and launch projects, all with the objective to stimulate TU/e’s sustainable development.


Van Oord

Van Oord is a leading international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oils, gas and wind). We find innovative solutions designed to meet our clients’ and business partners’ challenges. Marine ingenuity is what sets Van Oord apart. In just two words, we show in the clearest possible terms what we do, how we do it, and what makes us different. A passionate, smart, shrewd, international marine contractor – that is how we see ourselves.

Gemeente Eindhoven

Sustainability is more than a fancy word, it is a way of working, thinking and living. A sustainable Eindhoven is a city with clean air, clean soil and clean water. A safe place with good education, flourishing and diverse nature and where everybody can maintain in their basic needs now and in the future. In short, a city which you can leave safely to your children and grandchildren


Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. We use our high-end expertise to resolve complex issues and are a committed partner for our clients. We attach great importance to our independence and to our corporate culture, which allows all of our employees to excel, utilise their talents to the full and maximise value for clients.

TU/e and Strategic Area Energy

The energy strategic area envisions a sustainable world that can produce enough energy for its consumption, unimpeded by scarce resources and without any impact on the climate. Our research will help pave the way for this challenging transition. Many roads lead to this future. That is why we are exploring a broad spectrum of promising technologies. In the short term, we expect to generate novel technologies for more sustainable use of existing resources. This research focuses on the built environment and fuel technologies. Somewhat further away, our research will deliver novel solar cells and other new energy conversion technologies. In the longer run, our fusion research will contribute to a sustainable transition.

Universiteits Fonds Eindhoven

The Universiteitsfonds Eindhoven (UFe) aims to do everything within its power to support education, research and student culture at the TU/e. UFe does this in close cooperation with companies and industry in the region. With the aids the UFe offers, it enables to realize events which could not be realized without its support.


One of the main goals of TKI Gas is the realization of a substantial contribution of green gas to the energy grid. In this way, TKI Gas wants to provide a competitive advantage for The Netherlands and to establish a strong export position in the fields of knowledgem technology, innovation and trade. An ambitious, but fair goal is the 10 x 10, twice an increase tenfold of 10% green gas. This means going from 30 million m3 gas per year now to 300 billion m3 gas in 2030 and to 30 billion m3 gas in 2050. Next to this, TKI Gas strives to find a balance between Discovery, Development en Deployment.

The industry is a large-scale consumer and therefore plays a plural role in the transition towards sustainable energy. The energy use should become more efficient within this sector because of this. Industry should start using sustainable energy instead of energy from fossil sources. For Europe, this means that we need to convert from warmth driven processes to electronically driven processes. Next to this, more efficient use of resources will lead to more energy efficiency.

TKI Industrie en Energie is a collaboration between industry, universities and knowledge institutions that aims to increase energy saving and efficiency in industry.

TKI Wind op Zee

TKI Wind op Zee encourages, connects and support Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in the development and application of innovations for a fast transition towards sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems for offshore wind.


Strukton is increasingly presenting itself as a technology company, particularly distinguishing itself by using data in both maintenance and management. Asset management is the key core competence here. Strukton’s mission is to help boost the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings. Strukton works in three workspheres: rail systems, civil infrastructure and technology & buildings.


At DAF we are proud of every DAF truck leaving our factory. Proud because we know we delivered a truck that enables the customer to execute his job. And proud because we know that drivers value the unmatched comfort and usability of the truck. Our love for trucks can be found in every part and every detail. Thats what makes DAF special. Minimalizing the environmental impact is an integral part of the development process.



Ecofys is a leading international energy and climate consultancy. We have been at the forefront of energy thinking for over 30 years and are part of Navigant’s global energy practice. A joint team of more than 600 experts delivers impact in the global energy and climate transition. For us, knowledge and innovation are the key factors in turning the ideas of today into viable realities of tomorrow. Supporting public and corporate organisations alike, we enable our clients to adapt to changes and identify new opportunities quickly. If we act now, the 2050 global energy system can be sustainable, secure, affordable and fully based on renewable sources.


Innofest creates living labs out of festivals to support innovation. A festival is a temporary mini society. Just as in the real world, their are challenges in, amongst others, energy and waste. Festival visitors behave in certain ways like they would do in the real world: they move, eat and sleep. The difference with the outside world is the fence around the festival area. This makes festivals the ultimate testing ground to work together on prototypes and experimental techniques. And if the idea works at the festival, it could also work in the real world. Start-ups, companies, entrepreneurs and students come together at the festivals to test the (responsible) prototypes and to find solutions for the challenges the festival and entrepreuneurs in the region meet.


“By far the biggest challenge worldwide during the next few decades is the transition from a fossil-fuel based energy system to sustainable alternatives. Over the coming period the focus will be on hybrid energy systems, whereby we will be combining different fossil and sustainable sources. TNO wants to employ innovations, both technical and non-technical, to accelerate the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply,” says Mart van Bracht, managing director Energy. Industry and government ask us to deliver the technology and knowledge for this. For many years we have been researching sustainable and, on route to this, hybrid energy systems. 

Studium Generale

Studium Generale has the task of promoting the social, intellectual and cultural interests of students. Together with students, SG organizes lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, excursions, theater and film performances and workshops for students. SG also has the task of strengthening the cultural role of the university in the city and the region, and of supporting and promoting student amateur art.


Capturing and concentrate (ambient) CO2 at low prices for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, using solar or wind energy.
With the help of an organic, non-amine sorbent, turns ANTECY the negative of CO2 (greenhouse effects, environmental costs) into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy (fuels, chemicals and other materials).


BAM Bouw en Techniek focuses on commercial and technical development, preparation and realisation of non-residential construction projects in the Netherlands and also offers an extensive range of services for technical facilities (both for non-residential construction and industry as well as for residential construction and infrastructure).

BAM Woningbouw is the market leader in the Dutch residential construction market and offers a full service package (advice, development, construction, service and maintenance as well as renovation). The company has its own successful housing concepts for both new build and renovation projects. 


We work on a future in which clean energy is available to everybody. Our climate changes due to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. At the same time, the world population – and consequently the worldwide energy demand – continue to grow. The demand for sustainable, relevant energy solutions is considerable.

We carry out fundamental scientific research into new and improved energy technology for the future. In collaboration with our knowledge partners and industry we help to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.


Ecovat is an innovative company with a unique new system, namely a large scale, underground, thermal energy storage system for sustainable heating. Large scale means one Ecovat system can provide sustainable heating for 100 up to 1.000 households. At times when energy is abundant and cheap, the storage is charged by heating up the water inside the tank. Due to its good insulation, its scale, and its unique heat transfer mechanism, the energy can be stored efficiently for long periods of time whilst maintaining stratification. This allows for the seasonal storage of heat and makes a conventional heating system obsolete.


We use highly sophisticated algorithms, developed at KU Leuven and UC Berkeley, to unite your and your neighbours’ TCL in a large virtual power plant.

Being part of this highly valuable flexible energy source, you play a critical role in the promotion of renewable energies, such as wind and solar, which are dependent on the weather.

Following years of state-of-the-art research, with succesfull field trials using 250 households in the Belgian LINEAR project and the UC Berkeley dorm rooms, we are finally ready to solve the energy and climate issues our world is currently facing.

Heat Power

The competitiveness and environmental impact of heat intensive industrial processes can be much improved by reducing the use of energy. Efficient and fast responsive co-generation systems are however not yet available for small scale industries in the range of 250kW-2MW electric and 750kW-6MW thermal power. Heat Power satisfies that need and developed the Rankine Compression Gas turbine (RCG), which is capable of providing heat and power for industrial processes at highly reduced fuel cost and CO2 emissions.  The RCG system is truly unique, as it is capable of providing both steam and power at fast response times. Its multi fuel capability allows for application in waste streams, enabling manufacturers to achieve higher resource utilization, reduced cost of energy and green manufacturing.  


Develop your career, gain knowledge and discover solutions with like minded individuals to change the energy game for a better future.

The challenge is big, but our goal is simple: to achieve a sustainable energy future for Europe. Innovation is the solution. New ideas, products and services that make a real difference, new businesses and new people to deliver them to market.

At InnoEnergy we support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to end-customer. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets.